Individual paper, 20 minutes long and followed by 10 minutes for discussion; a 20-minute paper is about 8 or 9 type-written pages, double-spaced using 12 point font.

Organized Panel, 90 minutes long for 3 presenters, OR 120 minutes long for 4 presenters OR 3 presenters and a discussant (each presentation is 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion).

Forum/Roundtable, up to 90-120 minutes long with 3 or more presenters on a given topic, entirely organized and run by a given Chair of the Roundtable, with discussion among the presenters and the audience

Participatory Workshop, informal, interactive hands-on session on one topic for a maximum of two hours, completely run by the workshop organizer/presenter.

Film/DVD, recently completed or in-progress films, video programs or excerpts thereof, each presentation about 20 minutes in length including some discussion on the film/dvd.

‘Lightning’ papers of 10-minutes in length to focus on reports of current research by graduate students and others, with 5 minutes for Questions/Answers.

Poster Presentation or a poster session is the presentation of research information by an individual or representatives of research teams from ICTM-PASEA. The poster presentation (size 4x4 feet maximum) should follow the IMRAD format (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion).