Please submit an abstract for a paper presentation in one of the listed formats, along with a very short biographical note (100 words or less) about the presenter. The abstract should be a maximum of 300 words. Organizers of panels and roundtables must submit a statement on the focus and central concern of the panel/roundtable along with an abstract from each presenter on his/her presentation (each abstract is limited to 300 words and biographical notes are strictly limited to 100 words). 

The Program Committee expects that proposals will address issues directly related to the themes stated. Any proposals that were submitted previously and not accepted, or that have appeared (or will appear in the near future) in print will not be accepted. All proposals must be submitted in English.

The Program Committee reserves the right to accept only those proposals that, in their opinion, fit best into the scheme of the Symposium, and that can be scheduled within the time frame of the Symposium.
With the acceptance of your proposal by the Program Committee and the presentation of your paper at the Symposium, it is assumed and understood that your paper will be included in the published Proceedings of the Symposium.

Please Send Your Proposals to the Following Chairpersons by 1 December 2015.

1) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Made Mantle Hood (Co-Chair of the Program Committee)
Email: made.hood@gmail.com

2) Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan (Co-Chair of the Program Committee)
Email: jacquie4j@gmail.com

3) Prof. Dr. Tan Sooi Beng (Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee)
Email: sbtan2@gmail.com

All proposals will undergo peer review, and notification of accepted proposals will be announced in January 2016.