The 4th Symposium of PASEA will explore and examine various dimensions of performing arts of Southeast Asia focusing on music, dance, theatre and related performative traditions within this region. This conference will deal with issues on endangerment and sustainability and on religiosity of the Southeast Asian performing arts in connection with other disciplines in the arts and humanities. To that end this conference will assess the status of performing arts in Malaysia vis-à-vis regional Southeast Asian performing arts based on the following questions:

  • What is the current status of research on the performing arts? Who provides performing arts educational experiences, and where?
  • What kinds of problems do the traditional performing arts face with regard to endangerment and sustainability in the local communities? 
  • What are the possibilities and prospects for the future of performing arts in various countries in Southeast Asia?
  • How can performing arts become a viable part of educational systems based on regional experience and research outcomes, especially with regard to sustainability of the performing arts?
  • What types of research and writing with regard to religiosity are being conducted in the field of performing arts and is there a sense of‘common practice’ in the Southeast Asian region?